Getting to know Scorpio

If you have decided that you want to know better people you have in your life and you want, especially, deal better and understand better Scorpio natives, this is a place where we are going to talk about them. However, we are not going to talk about Scorpio men or Gemini man, as there is a lot of information that apply to man and woman. In this case, we are going to talk about the positive and the negative aspects in the personality of the sign. Let’s start with it.


How Scorpio are

Scorpio are special people that usually can make people close to them mad, but it is usually due to the way they talk. They are sensible and we do not have to take always seriously their words or the tone in which they say them. Let’s see some other qualities they have.

Positive qualities in Scorpio personality

Scorpio have a lot of positive qualities in their personality and knowing them will make us understand them better. So, we can say that they are.

-          Generous: Scorpio natives are very generous people and, more with people close to them. They like to help whenever they can and they love to be in good terms with family and friends.

-          Sincere and responsible: Scorpio natives are very sincere and this is something that sometimes can be confused with them being so cold with people. However, they usually do not have bad intentions and they try to do their best.

-          Hard-working: they are also very hard-working people and as they love to go shopping, they work long hours and save so they can have what they most like.

-          Intuitive: Scorpio natives are also very intuitive, so they always know what is about to come. It is good to listen to them when they talk about situations in general as well as when we seek advice.

Now, it is time to talk about the negative aspects in their personality.

Negatives qualities in Scorpio personality

As all the other signs, Scorpio also have negative qualities that we need to know, so we can avoid problems in time. Let’s see some of them:

-          Stubborn: Scorpio natives are very stubborn and it is not easy to make them change their mind. Because of this, discussions that may lead them to do so will be useless.

-          Practical: being practical is something very positive usually, but Scorpio take this too far. They are so practical that it may seem to the rest of people that they do not want to listen to them or that they do not care for them. Not like that at all.

-          Confusing words: Scorpio natives are not the best in communication and, a lot of times, the words they choose can harm or be hard for other people. Not their intention at all.

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